monday13-2: The short Story of Trepanation on DFM

The untold and left overs form the first show about trepanation on Patapoe. Tonight on DFM international with a poem : The Lucky Hole and a fragments from the docu about Bart Huges: the Day after...
And special guest with LOW FI noise: Wilfred Wagner from Rietveld Radio and Dj Huidrechts

Hello hello - Mendoza
Stations of mind - Clock DVA
New world worder - Stephen Smith 
Stop and play - Mekanik Kommando
Climatic nouveaux - Ceramic Hello
Acid, pot or pills - Horace Silver

Dj Huidrechts
Deep old mu - Dadavistic Orchestra = (Psychick Warriors ov Gaia + The Black Dog)

Dj Wilfred Wagner
playlist follows

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